¡¡Brief introduction

   Brief introduction
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TICERI ( TMTC ) was Founded in 1958. The initiator is Professor Shi Shaoxi. Professor
Liuxin is the president currently. TICERI is subject to Tianjin University, and works independently.

For 60 years, in the field of I.C. engine, motorcycle and correlative domain, TICERI has been mainly engaged in the research into fundamental theories & applied techniques, product quality inspection and certification services, constituting criterion, and the testing instrument research and manufacture.

TICERI has three names:

Tianjin Internal Combustion Engine Research Institute
¡ªmainly engaged in the research of diesel engine and gasoline engine, and the testing instrument research and manufacture.

Tianjin Motorcycle Technical Center¡ªmainly engaged in the R&D of motorcycles,engines and the parts, an important technical support unit for National Development and Re-form Commission, Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People's Republic
of China in the field of motor vehicle.

Tianjin University Internal Combustion Engine Research Institute¡ªmainly engaged in the research into fundamental theories of I.C. engine, the base of graduate student training.

With a taken-up area 26,000 m2, TICERI has four research departments, China national motorcycle testing center, a building for motorcycle and engine design, a motorcycle testing field meeting the requirements of international standards, a EMC laboratory and a large low-temperature lab.

TICERI has a staff of 380 employees, including over 60 experts and professors, and a large number of engineers and technicians. TICERI has undertaken many key research projects. We¡¯ve cooperated with over 800 domestic enterprises, and overseas institutions of 16 countries or regions. TICERI has obtained 100-odd great research achievements. Having developed ¡°Shaped buffer-vibration-damping cushion and its mold¡± for Chinese manned spaceships Shenzhou No. 5 -No.10 successfully, TICERI contributed to Chinese spaceflight project.