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1. 156FMI-A EngineThe following advanced techniques are used for 156FMI-A engine:

New squeezing combustion chamber technique, first innovated in China: An airflow movement is organized through a squeezing gap formed between piston crown & combustion chamber to increase the turbulence intensity of airflow in piston at TDC to optimize combustion process for attaining the objectives of reducing fuel consumption & decreasing emissions.Single-crankshaft balanced technique: A reciprocating inertial force of 1st order is balanced to achieve a goal of reducing engine vibration. In combination with fuel-air cooling technique and Secondary Air Injection System, the following targets are hit: less than 1.4L fuel consumption per 100km, whole engine vibration reduced more than 70%, power & reliability increased, emissions reduced to EURO II.

2. 152QMIA

closed oil-bathed chain driving system is innovatively adopted to replace a traditional CTV one, with fuel consumption being reduced 50%, emissions reduced to EURO II.

3. 150mL~250mL series engines for tricycle

The series engines for tricycle are of horizontal/vertical type, forced water/air-cooled, 4-stroke, and equipped with the following specialized designs:Single-axis balance mechanism: a reciprocating inertial force of the first order is balanced to reduce the whole vehicle vibration & noise.4-speed transmission: A gear drive was adopted to obtain a higher transmitting efficiency, to raise vehicle¡¯s acceleration performance.Differential mechanism: It can drive two half-shafts at the same time, and can adopt independent suspension to raise the vehicle¡¯s stability and passability.Reverse gear mechanism: It provides convenience for the users.

4. 139F series general utility gasoline engines

The 139F series general utility gasoline engines have an advanced structure, particular lubrication system. Two styles of engines with displacements of 38.2mL & 45mL were respectively designed.

5. 139FDz general utility gasoline engine

This 4-stroke engine has a displacement of 35mL, a particular lubrication system. It can work in a range of 360 degree, specially suitable for the special demands for chain saw, shearing machine & military generator.

Successfully designed motorcycles:

WY125-9 Guangzhou Wuyang-Honda Aifei motorcycle
DY125-36 Dayang Fengchi sports motorcycle
DY125-35 Dayang Yuanhang cruiser
MCT125T-25 Maikete scooter