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Investigation Field

1. Emission Catalyst Converting & & test technique for motorcycle exhaust
2. Fuel economy, combustion & in-engine cleaning techniques of gasoline engines
3. R&D and performance of vehicle engines
4. Excellent oils and relevant evaluation used in gasoline engines and motorcycles
5. Evaluating technique for toxicity and biodegradation of lube oil
6. Design & test of ICE admission/exhaust port with multi-valves
7. Application technique of electronic control system for vehicles and its industrial development
8. Emission test and control techniques for small, general utility gasoline engines
9. Alternative fuels and LPG/CNG motorcycles
10. Control technique of Noise and vibration for motorcycles and engines
11. Design & development of general utility gasoline engines
12. Design & development of agricultural diesel engines
13. Design & development of motorcycle carburetors
14. Emission smoke intensity research & development and manufacture of smoke opacimeter
15. New internal combustion power unit
16. ICE working process calculation, emulation & optimization
17. Motorcycle dynamics calculation, emulation & optimization
18. Research on the design and manufacturing technics of main parts of ICE and motorcycles
19. Application-promotion of rapid prototyping & tools, CAD/CAM and similar advanced manufacturing technology & new techniques