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   Tianjin Tianbokeda Technology Co., Ltd.
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Tianjin Tianbokeda Technology Co., Ltd.

To meet the needs of the production situation of the national motorcycle industry, Tianjin Tianbokeda Technology Co., Ltd. was founded on Sep. 4, 2002.

Taking Tianjin University and TICERI as a technical &industrial support, the Co. is mainly engaged in the testing instrument for motorcycles, engines and electric appliances.
The Co. will serve the industry with her rich human & material resources, fruitful achievements, fine product consciousness & perfect equipment to share common development prosperity with the industry.

Business scope of the Co.:
Technical development, Consultation, service & transfer (mechanic-electric integration, new materials, electronic & informative techniques & products, testing equipments for motorcycles and their parts, test center engineering construction, other mechanical equipments, electrical appliances, computer & peripheral equipments, motorcycles & their fittings wholesale-retail, etc.)

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